Day 12–Wolves, Bears and Marshmallows, Oh My!

I know I’m behind on posting for a couple of days, but when your breath has been taken away so often, sometimes you need a minute to catch it.

We arrived in West Yellowstone on Monday to an oasis we didn’t know we needed. Right away we went to the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center for a behind the scenes tour of the work they do to care for animals that can’t be returned to the wild. We actually got to hide food for the bears in their habitat, then watch (from a safe distance) as they went out and found it. Sort of playing Hide and Go Seek with bears who can’t rip your face off. A win-win.

After that truly fascinating visit, we were whisked away (across the street) to the Explorer Cabins at West Yellowstone where clean the most friendly, accommodating staff awaited us with a built fire and S’mores. We went to dinner on a ranch nearby, and I don’t know if we’ve ever been happier to sleep in clean sheets that didn’t move along an interstate in our lives.

The wolves sang us to sleep in the light of almost full moon.

They seemed to be calling, “Loooouuuiissseee….the bears found the wine you tried to hide in there….they buried it after they read the label….yoooouuuuu’rrree welllccooome….”

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