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Perhaps not for the first humans, the Moab desert became our oasis. Four nights in this beautiful part of the country–a small town in the middle of two devestatingly beautiful National Parks–was not long enough as we all pushed ourselves to enjoy every single minute while we were there. That meant days spent rafting the […]

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New Mexico

Exploring New Mexico has been an adventure in itself. We spent the day in beautiful Santa Fe visiting the quaint shops and restaurants, the state capital, the Loretto Chapel with the Miraculous Staircase, the Basilica, and San Miguel Mission. We ate a local hotspot and had some wonderful local food–everyone was game to try the […]

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Day 1

We usually like to leave high speed police chases and broken air conditioning units until day 11 or 12, but hey, Day 1 is fine, too, I suppose. We hadn’ teven made it out of Tennessee before we really were witness to a dangerous high speed chase with State Troopers and a car that literally […]



I don’t think our particular map dot was unique during Covid in that ten miles in any given direction of our house meant a different set of rules, mandates and orders. Frankly, it was a confusing and haphazard mess, but by June we had become accustomed to living(ish) our best lives in isolation. But we […]


Follow the Chocolate Brick Road

A wise man once said, “Give me chocolate or give me death.” Hershey, Pennsylvania opted to give us both. Ok, maybe no wise man ever said that, but I do know two very wise women who recognize when they’ve met the natural end to an amazing adventure. After almost three weeks of perfect weather, flawless […]



We rolled into Boston licking our wounds, as in the bites, stings, stabs, disembowelments, or whatever the native Maine insects inflicted upon us over the last four days. They are intense little buggers, that’s for certain. So a couple of nights in a hotel was just the respite we needed. But Boston had other plans […]


Siri Vs. Viktor

I keep trying to foster a healthy relationship between Siri, our passive-aggressive navigation system, and Viktor, our 33 foot long RV. It’s not going well. Viktor: Good morning, Siri. I need to go this next leg of the journey all on interstates, avoiding these small back roads, please. Siri: Recalculating route. Viktor: Wait, this takes […]



After the longest drive of our route to date–6 hours–we wound our way through New Hampshire and back up along the coast of Maine. We had a picnic near a Moose Crossing sign before landing in Bar Harbor at the entrance of Acadia National Park. Our campground was a full one and the sites were […]


Days 9 and 10 and 11-ish

To close out our sports Halls of Fame quadrumvirate, we showed Springfield, Mass a thing or two. Our very own Sundance won the Rick Perry free-throw shooting contest! Which doesn’t sound like a thing at all because who would name a basketball game after the former governor of Texas, but then they explained to me […]


Team effort

Ok, enough about Louise’s wardrobe and her penchant for mud flaps. Let’s talk about the other heroes of this trip–our poor families. While we certainly would like to take credit for planning an itinerary that appeals to all, there also has to be a lot of open-mindedness and cooperation and we have received a lot […]