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Day 8–Cooperstown

You know how when you lose the tie to your hoodie in the washing machine and you spend the next few years of your life attempting to thread the end of the oversized cord through a too-small opening and then push that string through a cotton tunnel a millimeter at a time, losing ground faster […]


A Wet Day 4

When we look back on the days of this vacation, there will no doubt be some highlights as well as some lowlights. Day four was quite a mixed bag. Highlight: The Pro Football Hall of Fame! As promised by our sweet hashtag, The first Hall of Fame was enjoyed (briefly) by all! Lowlight: Rain. Of […]

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Day Three

We continued our own group heatwave with a trip to the ballpark on Day 3. Translate that to mean we certainly make a splash wherever we go and most of the time we’re a hot mess. But the unsuspecting folks with the Cincinnati Reds were amazing hosts, treating us to a ridiculous experience of delicious […]


Hot up in herre

If you’re reading this, that means I wrote it, and my fingers didn’t melt into the keyboard as I feared mere hours ago when we began our first full day at our campsite on the surface of the sun. It’s hot here in Ohio. In a metal can with wheels. With an A/C unit capable […]


The Packing List

1. Clothes and stuff Me: Even if we do laundry twice during the trip, that makes about 90 T-shirts and 180 socks just for reference. Butch: Over/under that we return with 11 of the original sock total? Me: Under is how that works. 2. Outdoor Movie System with 70′ Screen and Projector Sundance: Um, do […]


Postscript and legal notes

Now that we’ve been back a few days and Louise’s legal team has had a chance to review the material, (she’s so high maintenance) I thought I’d offer a couple of clarifications from our recent trip. ~All of the mystery rashes and various infections have been cleared up. The only conditions remaining uncured are severe […]


By the Numbers

States visited–14 Miles traveled–4,285 Days on the road–20 Lost/Damaged Shoes–4 Cans of bear mace used–0 Diapers–78 Bags of ice–68 Collective hours of quality sleep–4.5 Car rentals–5 Number of times I called Louise by her real name–0 Quarters used for arcade and laundry–811 Campgrounds–7 Hotels–7 Cell phone data overages–36 GB Times the door flew open while […]



After spending the morning shopping the Magnificent Mile, eating cheeseborgers, cheeseborgers, cheeseborgers (the real deal!) on Navy Pier, The Elite Eight came to the unanimous conclusion that we had done all we wanted to do, and it was time to go home. So we left Chicago, returned the rental car, pulled up stakes at the […]



Today it was Thelma and Louise vs. Day 18. Day 18 lulled us into a false sense of security during the long, smooth ride from Minneapolis across the green fields of Wisconsin on our way to our final destination of Chicago. Day 18 gave us no traffic, clear roads and and beautiful weather as we […]