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Treat yourself and kids with Custom Confections

Available September 1st from Capstone Young Readers, this book is perfect for budding young pastry chefs or families that just want to have some fun in the kitchen. If you’re looking for some sweet treats to make up with your kids this holiday season and beyond, don’t miss Custom Confections, by Jen Besel. While it’s […]


Dulce de leche and strawberry ice cream cake

You could really use this technique with any combination of ice creams and cookies, but try this one—it is very refreshing and unique. Dulce de leche and Strawberry Ice Cream cake Crust: 12-15 dulce de leche cookies 6-8 shortbread cookies 3 T. butter, melted Pie: 2 pints strawberry sorbet (Haagen-Daz recommended) 2 pints Dulce le […]


Scott’s Biscotti

Lately I’ve been making a lot of healthy brain food that doesn’t taste like salmon. Here’s a biscotti recipe that I adapted from Ann Burrell that incorporates whole nuts, berries and dark chocolate in a not-so-sweet cookie for breakfast or dessert. She dips hers into a chocolate ganache, but I like the chocolate on the […]


Raspberry Cream Pie

There’s a little farm stand on the North Fork of Long Island that is lined with the usual local produce; potatoes, peaches maybe some tomatoes and sweet corn. But if you look beyond the earthy wooden tables you’ll no doubt notice a line formed outside of an unassuming white door propped ajar by someone’s flip […]


Espresso Chocolate Chip Gelato

In my old liberal hippie escape fantasies, I used to want to run away to Vermont and start a lavender farm and make my own soap. I’ve evolved since then. Now, I want to run away to Tuscany to start a pine nut and basil farm and make my own gelato. I’ll start with this […]