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Do you remember that old cartoon with the boy with his fingers in the dam trying to stave off it breaking and flooding the whole town? And then another hole bursts open and then another and another until he’s playing Twister holding back the floodgates? That’s how 2020 has felt–a thousand tiny cracks to fill […]


A holiday with a Twist

This is a post from way back in 2006 on what I’ll be doing tomorrow. My sister called me early last Saturday morning. “What’s up, Sister Diva?” I asked. She heaved a sigh before answering. “It’s German Twist Day.” We both genuflected. I spoke quickly, knowing we didn’t have much time. “Do you have all […]


O (No) Christmas Tree

This year we had it in our minds that we would forego the corner Christmas tree lot, and make a trip out to a tree farm where we would make some yuletide family memories with a chainsaw and some rope. We packed up the kids, headed northwest a couple of hours until we found a […]