Day 10–Greetings from the Planet Wyoming

Captain’s Log, Stardate: 10.11 (I’ve lost track)

We have arrived on the planet Wyoming, and I won’t lie—it is a much friendlier people than our last universe.

The youngest of a crew needed some medical attention today for an ear infection after enjoying a day at the native amusement; a waterpark at the Fairfield Inn. So we made a detour into the Cody, Wyoming hospital before camping in one of the prettiest landings yet.

It’s actually kind of surprising that an ER visit only took 10 days to occur as our crew is battling numerous ailments at this point. Ear infections, stomachaches from a diet of Dr. Pepper and marshmallows, mystery rashes and I’m sure we are mere hours away from a rampant pink eye epidemic.

I don’t know how much baby George will remember of this journey, but we must all make a vow to maintain the legend that he once went to the ER in Cody for something truly epic—like a rodeo injury or snake bite—and we’ll just keep the whole amoxicillin thing to ourselves.

This state’s terrain is absolutely breathtaking; and it seemed that around every bend it changed into something more spectacular. The road to Yellowstone is an awe-inspiring tease for what’s to come here on the USS Spentourlives.

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