New Mexico

Exploring New Mexico has been an adventure in itself. We spent the day in beautiful Santa Fe visiting the quaint shops and restaurants, the state capital, the Loretto Chapel with the Miraculous Staircase, the Basilica, and San Miguel Mission. We ate a local hotspot and had some wonderful local food–everyone was game to try the house specialties, and I continue to be impressed by how many new things they try without complaint.

Today we also had our first celebrity sighting in the form of Post Malone’s Rosé. He is really rather nice in person.

New Mexico was one of the last states that none of us had been to yet as the kids noted in their campfire talk the other night. After this trip, we only have a handful that we haven’t visited together, and they figured out that we will add 7 new states this leg alone. It was one of those few and far between parenting wins when they remembered a special memory about each one.

And after taking in New Mexico from east to west, I can definitely say we’ve earned this sticker on the map. This state is so immense, remote, wild, beautiful, diverse, desolate, rural, urban, ancient, modern….it’s kind of hard to get your head around. After hours of driving though wild nothingness and everythingness, alien landings may be the least surprising thing about New Mexico. In fact, it might just be the most New Mexico thing ever. Or not at all. Again, it’s really hard to tell.

We’ve completed over 1,700 miles on our journey so far.

Time for a Post Malone campfire concert.

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