This was not a previously scheduled stop on this adventure, but sometimes things work out better than planned.

When we made such good time on Day 1, not killing ourselves the next day seemed like a pretty good idea, so we made the four hour trek from OKC to Amarillo.

And I must say, our initial impressions of Texas weren’t exactly glowing..

This campground seemed so sketchy there should have been a caricature artist at the entrance. But instead of our credit cards being frauded or a stray dog on every site, we were greeted with a super helpful recommedation for a mobile RV repairman to take a look at the A/C unit that I had tried to fix myslef with a pair of rhinestone-laden tweezers and auto fuses from Wal-Mart with no real success. (Giant surprise, I know.) Turns out the guy was on site at that moment, fixed the unit and changed the fuses with real tools in less than 15 minutes. Dude seriously saved our vacation.

And then, the campground people said, “We offer free limousine rides to and from the most famous steakhouse on Route 66, would you be interested?” And after we kissed them straight on the mouth we climbed into a stretch limo with longhorns attached to the front like we were the Ewings or something while the driver tried to talk one of us into taking on the Old 96’er Challenge (or the real life version which is like the movie but you have to eat 72 ounces of steak, a salad, baked potato and a shrimp cocktail in an hour) but since Louise is a vegetarian and I preferred 72 ounces of Margaritas instead, we politely declined but still had the best meal and a whole lot of fun and all of the kids are wearing cowboy hats to prove it.

At the end of this day, we can report that the cliche of things in Texas being big is true–steaks and pleasant surprises among the best.

(Pictures to be posted when I can get a signal…it’s not exactly screaming Wifi in these parts.)

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  1. That damn limo let out a big moooooo as I approached it. That’s what caused me to pass on the 72oz steak. Lol. Have fun!

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