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Reading Disney Rainbows this Summer

One of the many wonderful things about the Disney Social Moms Media Celebration—and there are many—is the amazing speaker lineup. The awesomeness of these impressive people from all different fields, specialities and successes are extraordinary in their own right, but then when one of them speaks directly to something near and dear to your personal […]


Your Conference Packing List

I’m about to embark upon a really wonderful trip. Disney has once again pulled their magic strings and I find myself invited to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. This year, it is in Anaheim at Disneyland, so I am completely out of my element. Pair this with the fact that the other women coming […]


A few words on #DisneySMMoms

I’ve been to Disney so many times, I park in SubDiva 53. I’ve been to Disney so many times, A Small World is sick of my theme song. I’ve been to Disney so many times, my Fast Passes used to read, “You again?” I’ve been to Disney so many times NASA has mistaken me for […]