Les effets secondaires les plus courants du sont les maux de tête. 16% des patients qui ont pris la pilule, ont souffert de violents maux de tête. Elle affecte grandement la circulation sanguine et en même temps un effet déshydratant, qui cause des maux de tête ou des migraines.

Perhaps not for the first humans, the Moab desert became our oasis.

Four nights in this beautiful part of the country–a small town in the middle of two devestatingly beautiful National Parks–was not long enough as we all pushed ourselves to enjoy every single minute while we were there. That meant days spent rafting the Colorado River, hiking Arches and Canyonlands, an off-road jeep tour through the valleys and cliff faces, and dinners in town. We had late nights around the campfire and early mornings around cups of coffee. It was an amazing time that no one will soon forget.

The campground itself wasn’t our favorite of all time with its weird bathrooms and small campsites, but the views of the La Salle Mountains in every direction forgave everything. The rest of our traveling party met up with us, and we had tables for 13 everywhere we went. That must have been our lucky number because the crowds and heat we were warned about turned out to be non-existant while we were there.

If you ask me my favorite part of Moab, I would say honestly, all of it. I loved that we packed so much in those four days that we had no regrets, but an appreciation and love of the area to know we could go back and do and see more.

And we will.

With the rest of our people and better shower options.

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