This has been a big mixed bag of a school year for us. We’ve had tremendous fun—lots of regular season hockey, the All-Star Game, and a deep playoff run with accompanying travel and tailgate parties. We had a lot of charitable projects we were thankful to be involved with. The kids all were on teams that provided new friends and activity. Academically, it all ended in resounding success. But we’ve also had challenges. There’s the typical school year drama that you swear you won’t pay attention to, but it takes its toll nonetheless. My grandparents needed attention and made the move to assisted living. We lost Sean’s dad this year, whom all of us miss daily. We are still only 10 days post-op from Matt’s spinal fusion surgery, and that healing is going well, but will be slow.

Throughout this long year, some Fridays felt like victories limping across a survival finish line, while others were euphoric for what was to come.

This one is definitely one of those Fridays.

The stacks of corrected papers that once meant so much came home yesterday wrinkled in meaninglessness in backpacks that had given up weeks ago. Uniforms were tossed and bathing suits thrown on. Even the drama dissolved into a cocktail of peace and unwitting forgiveness. We made baby steps but huge milestones in healing and the summer is lining up to be one of the best.

They are sleeping in right now, and my victory lap for the 2015-2016 school year was less than a half cup of coffee long this morning. The rest tasted of campfires, book pages, Vitamin D and adventure.

Let’s do this, Summer. We are ready.

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  1. Where the heck has SubDiv been for so long? Recovery from last road trip really took it’s toll, and left you speechless? Glad you’re back among the living, you were sorely missed.
    Looking forward to following this summers escapades with the clan. Hopefully, Matt will heal soon enough for his turn at the helm. Will you be passing through the Midwest in the MotherShip?

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