FAQ’s About Our Upcoming Summer Plans Without the Q’s, only the A’s

~Three weeks, 3700 miles to two western National Parks through thirteen states in an RV with 9 kids and 48 bottles of vodka.

~I don’t really like to use the term “crazy,” I prefer “inappropriately optimistic.”

~Not quite “camping” and certainly not “glamping”—with that many people in a 32 foot RV it’s more “cramping.”

~If gas prices remain low, it will actually be quite an economical vacation. The vast majority of our expenses will come later for therapy, data overage charges, increased insurance premiums and detox.

~Packing for 13 people for a month in a trailer will be a challenge, but we get to eliminate things like privacy, any sense of personal space and vanity.

~You don’t need a special license or any specialized training to operate our vehicle. You do need a lot of Youtube watching, rubber gloves and a liability waiver from your travel partners from any future litigation.

~Yes, we will be taking a lot of pictures—most of which will be selfies and portraits when I attempt to photoshop our faces on Mt. Rushmore. (We also predict substantial media coverage of my ridiculous, ill-advised need to pet a bear.)

~Yes, there’s always room for one more.

You can follow our future adventures here and on Twitter and Instagram. #MtFishmore/Henrystone

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