Review–SUBTECH Dry Skin Cover for the kitchen

I love to cook from an open cookbook or magazine. Scribbling notes in the margin, its pages gently spattered with floured fingerprints or remnants of the delicious recipe depicted.

But honestly, that’s not how we often practically cook in this millennium.

More often than not, I’m on a website. My phone is open to a page, and I’m trying to read the screen before it blanks out. Or I’m fighting with the kids for the computer at a critical point in the dish, and they want the Club Penguin window open instead. So my preferred method of 2014 recipe-following is on my iPad. But realistically, those floured fingerprints aren’t good for electronic devices.

Enter in the Subtech Sports dry skin. Originally designed for sports or outdoor activities—this waterproof protector is also a perfect solution for the home cook. I may not need to take underwater pictures or worry about a craggy rock face scratching the surface, but it sure is nice not having to worry about the splatters, drips, pooling béarnaise sauce or floured fingerprints that seem to be unwitting ingredients to just about everything I make.

For the messy cook. I'm looking at you, SD.
For the messy cook. I’m looking at you, SD.

Take a look to see if this might be helpful to you and your extreme cooking. The skin fits snugly and still allows you to do everything with the touchscreen. I’m not sure if I’m going to test the submersible aspect anytime soon, but it’s nice to know that I can save my rice for risotto instead of rescuing my iPad in case anything happens.

(They make them to fit smartphones, too.)

©2014 Tracey Henry

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