Day 1

We usually like to leave high speed police chases and broken air conditioning units until day 11 or 12, but hey, Day 1 is fine, too, I suppose.

We hadn’ teven made it out of Tennessee before we really were witness to a dangerous high speed chase with State Troopers and a car that literally flung his contraband from his car window right in front of us before crashing into both sides of the interstate and then jumping off an overpass onto some train tracks before he was eventually apprehended, we can ony assume. I have no idea what his charges were, but can only guess that it was some sort of travel high crime or misdemeanor like coloring on his sister’s arm or losing a charger or something equally as horrifying on a road trip.

Not that any of our 7 seasoned travelers on this first leg would know anything about those kinds of infractions because they are professionals and have allowed the day to progress from that unfortunate incident, to 520 pristine miles through beautiful Arkansas (and I mean that) and finally arriving in Oklahoma City. Equally as impressive is that 100 of those miles were without air conditioning in Oklahoma in July which is no joke. And because of their road heartiness, we have been able to tweak the next couple of travel days to break up the drive a little more and spend a little more time meandering toward Santa Fe.

We ended our long day with the best Chinese food I might have ever had in the lobby of a Fairfield Inn with YouTube DYI heating and cooling repair videos and ready to tackle another day in the morning.

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