By the Numbers

States visited–14
Miles traveled–4,285
Days on the road–20
Lost/Damaged Shoes–4
Cans of bear mace used–0
Bags of ice–68
Collective hours of quality sleep–4.5
Car rentals–5
Number of times I called Louise by her real name–0
Quarters used for arcade and laundry–811
Cell phone data overages–36 GB
Times the door flew open while in motion–half dozen
Pizzas ordered–16 (but felt like 100)
S’mores consumed–144
Various road trip movie quotes heard/delivered–406
Fly traps bought and attempted–18
Diagnosed rashes–3
Blankies Fed-Exed to West Yellowstone from Cody, Wyoming–1
Summer reading assignments completed–a fraction of what was assigned
Temperature swing between destinations–60 degrees
Wine bottles bought in retail outlets–30-ish
Years Louise will have to live with her juice wine purchases–Eternity
Things we would change–0
Laughs–a million at least
Amazing and awe-inspiring sights–More than we dreamed
Memories made–Countless

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  1. Enjoyed following your trip. Brings back good and fun memories for us. Trip of a lifetime!

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