Day 6–The Dads Land in the Badlands

We are almost to the one week mark of our adventure and today we met up with the Dads in the Badlands of South Dakota! This amazing landscape will be thoroughly explored and enjoyed all day tomorrow. Yay!

However, we weren’t all together an hour before the kids started to recognize the difference between the Moms and Daddy Good Times.

“Mom, why does Daddy’s rental van have seats?”

“Why doesn’t Daddy have ongoing negotiations with other drivers when they can’t hear a word you’re saying?”

“Why don’t the daddies call themselves by obscure movie characters decades before we were born?”

“Why doesn’t Dad make disappointing wine choices?” (See Louise, even the children noticed.)

“I bet Dad can figure out the cable TV.”

“Do you think Dad can find a flytrap that doesn’t smell like a port o’ potty?”

“Daddy takes us to real national monuments and doesn’t try to pass off places like the Corn Palace as a point of interest.”

Like the RV, the Daddies don’t have a name yet for this trip, but I’m thinking E. & T. because they’re aliens in this strange new world and due to the spotty wifi, they can’t phone home.

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  1. I can assure you that at least one of those dad’s has in fact tried to pass off a 4 foot tall (if that) Statue of Liberty, outside of a store, as the real thing.

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