Present Day

That’s sort of how we got here even though I’m still not exactly sure where here is.

The news is chronicling the next fresh hell and if you’re reading this in real time you know that I’m referencing either the death of a beloved Supreme Court Justice and the hyprocisy to replace her, threats not to pass power peacefully after the election, protests over yet another example of injustice and racism, a spike in Covid-19 cases, heat-rays or taxes not being paid by the grifter in the White House.

And it’s only Monday.

Who among us thought that we’d be entering another season in a pandemic and social and civil unrest all around us? I’d be lying if I claimed I thought shitstorm season wouldn’t have passed by now. And while some days feel darker than others and coming at us more frequently, I do hold out some hope that the light will return.

Maybe we just aren’t looking in the right places.

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