A Wet Day 4

When we look back on the days of this vacation, there will no doubt be some highlights as well as some lowlights. Day four was quite a mixed bag.

Highlight: The Pro Football Hall of Fame! As promised by our sweet hashtag, The first Hall of Fame was enjoyed (briefly) by all!

Lowlight: Rain. Of the torrential variety while we barrel 33 foot Viktor down the highway. We argue with drivers who can’t hear us. Thankfully.

Highlight: This picture.

Hall of Fame #1

Lowlight: Carbon Monoxide leak from a bottle of wine inadvertently hitting the propane stove knob on a ridiculously tight right turn.

Highlight: A working carbon monoxide detector.

Lowlight: Losing a perfectly good bottle of wine from a stupid right turn.

Highlight: An unexpected audible (football reference because I LISTEN) to travel a few hours longer to stay at a waterpark motel in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Lowlight: Completing the Football Hall of Fame so quickly that we had time to call an audible.

Highlight: Erie is 2 hours closer to Toronto and the waterpark has frozen margaritas.

Last Highlight: Day 4 is safely n the rearview mirror. Looking forward to meeting Day 5.

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