Day 15. Keepin’ it real

Day 15

We piled the 13 of us back into the RV this morning while it was still dark. It instantly felt like being snatched from the bosom of our West Yellowstone sanctuary and hurdled onto the harsh Interstate abyss.

I can describe what reentry is like to you only in the following 2-word phrases. That’s all we’re capable of now.

“422 miles.”

“Road construction.”

“Loose gravel.”

“Cracker Barrel.”

“A/C’s out.”

“Chicken pox?”

“No generator.”

“Needs oil.”

“I’ll drive!”

“No burping.”

“No spilling.”

“No fighting.”

“Personal space.”

“Where’s Louise?”

“Pokemon No.”

“Overage data.”

“Summer reading.”

“Bathroom, again????”

“Bismarck, ND.”

Hotel tonight better have a full bar and free Wifi.

“Just sayin’.”

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