Day 4–Sioux Falls

We committed no felonies today. However, if looking this good after four days with campground hair and a glowing sheen from perspiration and bugspray is a crime, then we are guilty as charged, my friends.

We traveled due north today through hundreds of miles of Iowa corn fields and farmland to the next pit stop of Sioux Falls. South Dakota has an 80 mph speed limit which didn’t exactly feel smooth in the big rig, so we brought it back down to a respectable 75. Shockingly, it was our shortest leg yet.

Every campground we stay in has only been researched online back in February so like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get. (Except we’re camping, so you get a lot of toasted marshmallow filled ones.) We chose each campground based on location and whether or not they had cabins available; because yes, we are crazy, but not legally insane, and we knew we couldn’t sleep 13 in the RV. That criteria was crucial, and then the remaining details were bonuses. It’s kind of a give and take game.

Like last night’s accommodations had an awesome jumping pillow for the kids. But Louise couldn’t turn on her phone at night in her cabin or she’d be swarmed by moths. In St. Louis, the cabins were awesome, but we were next to a train and a graveyard. Here in Sioux Falls, we have the best site at the place, but it shares the concrete slab with the laundry facilities and game room. Convenient, but I feel just a tad exposed. There’s a chimenea, but no natural boundary define our space. And kids I know aren’t ours keep raiding the quarter jar. I’d be worried that strangers would also be helping themselves to the contents of our cooler, but there’s only Louise’s Cupcake wine in there, and no one wants that.

I may sleep with the Louisville Slugger close by tonight.

Just in case the quarter-stealers want to play baseball in the middle of the night, of course.

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