My one and only post for January, 2014 is a revision of my New Year’s resolutions since the year is off to a shaky start.

1.) Post daily. Post weekly. Turn on the computer.

2.) Be the best Room Mom ever. Try not to piss off the whole class. Try not to piss of the whole school. Get out alive.

3.) Be the best Cookie Mom ever. Try to make the initial orders with no errors. Try to make the initial orders with as few errors as possible. Try not to be the cause of the biggest Thin Mint drought in Middle Tennessee history. Get out alive.

4.) Lose 10 pounds. Lose 5 pounds. Don’t gain 20 pounds from screwing up Girl Scout Cookie order and having to hide excess inventory.

5.) Get better at letting the birds fly a little farther from the nest. Stop freaking out when the birds fly farther from the nest. Build a bigger nest.

There, I feel better now. How’s the year treating you so far?


©2014 Tracey Henry

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