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Jam Session

I have this self-imposed small window on my calendar when I make homemade strawberry jam. It’s a brief period in late March/early April when Florida strawberries are at their absolute ripest, sweetest and on sale. I realize that they can be found at any point during the year and few more dollars more won’t break […]


A few words on #DisneySMMoms

I’ve been to Disney so many times, I park in SubDiva 53. I’ve been to Disney so many times, A Small World is sick of my theme song. I’ve been to Disney so many times, my Fast Passes used to read, “You again?” I’ve been to Disney so many times NASA has mistaken me for […]


Worst. Game. Ever.

Sometimes my husband and I play this game where we try to up the ante on torturing ourselves and our family. The rules are simple: we take a very innocuous activity, then we each add a detail to complicate and add another layer of anguish. Our most recent round? Spring Break. Me: Let’s take the […]

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Tonguespank Spice Blends

When the word, “Tonguespank,” comes through on my subject line, I am immediately intrigued. Pair it with the phrase, “NEW LIQUOR & HEAT SPICE LINE” and I’ve come home. Tonguespank Spice Company has come up with a table spice line that does exactly what its name promises. The Liquor and Heat blends take flavor to exciting […]

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St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

One of the things I remember the most about my mother’s cooking was her corned beef dinner. She would make the corned beef, red-skinned potatoes and boiled cabbage. It was one of my favorite meals as a kid. Except for the cabbage. The cabbage smell would make me gag, but everything else was so good […]


Hockey and Heart

Many of you know me from my somewhat obsessive hockey tweets over on Twitter.(@Subdiva) If that is the case, then you probably know that last Monday evening while many of us were watching the Preds game, a very scary situation was happening over in Dallas when Rich Peverley collapsed on the bench from a cardiac […]


Fat Tuesday

Since last week’s accidental trip through Mardi Gras, I have a new appreciation for Fat Tuesday. I tried a few different recipes for Traditional King Cake–even fashioning one myself–but this one from Southern Living was the best. I liked that it wasn’t too sweet, and it made two loaves. Part of my Lenten journey this […]


Mardi Gras Cake

This is my version of the popular Halloween Cake you’ve probably seen around before adapted for Fat Tuesday. It’s called, “Hey, Kids! Here’s all the sugar and processed food stuffs I’m denying you over the next 40 days all in one cake!” Just follow the instructions listed here, and replace the orange food coloring with […]