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Like most of you, the things I used to consider “fun” or “enjoyable” radically changed in mid-May. Activities I had always enjoyed in the past suddenly seemed either not so awesome or simply not available. Good-bye, hockey. Concerts. Parties. Restaurants. Travel. Haircuts. Oil changes. Ok, I’ll stop. This is getting depressing. But even what we […]


Present Day

That’s sort of how we got here even though I’m still not exactly sure where here is. The news is chronicling the next fresh hell and if you’re reading this in real time you know that I’m referencing either the death of a beloved Supreme Court Justice and the hyprocisy to replace her, threats not […]



School. Sort of. If you would have told me at the beginning of this mess that the start of the following school year would be in jeopardy after stopping in-person classes ¬†on March 5th, I would have called you a cotton-headed ninnymuggins and taken your lunch just to teach you a lesson about saying hurtful […]



Dumb Things I Say Now: “Is orange tongue a symptom of Covid or am I eating way too many Emergen-C tablets?” “What song did you sing while washing your hands? If it isn’t ‘Alice’s Restaurant,’ get back in there.” “Does Publix have toilet paper? Paper Towel? Clorox wipes? My old life?” “Can you sanitize masks […]



I don’t think our particular map dot was unique during Covid in that ten miles in any given direction of our house meant a different set of rules, mandates and orders. Frankly, it was a confusing and haphazard mess, but by June we had become accustomed to living(ish) our best lives in isolation. But we […]

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As castaways from society, the first couple of weeks felt like Gilligan’s Island–all laughs and coconut cream pies for every meal. The second half of the month was more like The Island of Doctor Moreau as we devolved into unrecognizable creatures; angry, furry, and growling at each other and no one was wearing pants. Although […]

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Speaking of March

If March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, the 2020 version must have come in like a rabid raccoon with a raging case of pink-eye and an undiagnosed venereal disease. It went out like…well, it never really left and just lay dying in the corner of the room. Speaking of things […]

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Happy New Year?

Like most parents and smaller human beings who attended some sort of school in their lifetimes, I have always considered the beginning of the school year the actual “New Year” rather than when the calendar turns to January. That used to be because it was a natural new beginning–new grade, new books with new chapters. […]


Who are you wearing?

One of the more underrecognized departments is Costuming and Merchandise. Not Disney, Silly. I’m talking about Louise. She’s in charge of the logo and matching wardrobe we all sport on these trips, and let me just say, this year’s design was epic. I might be making this fact up, but I think they say you […]